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Our Service

At we focus on making the web a simple environment to get information you are looking for quickly. We concentrate on creating you a customizable site to organize your links to your favorite sites on the web, to create a custom start page. This is achieved by saving your favorite links to many categories of information most commonly used. In the end you have your own custom personal portal to the web.

Our Approach to using the internet

Like most internet users your Bookmarks/Favorite sections are a large "somewhat" organized list. Using we provide you with an organized start page customized to your preferences to the sites you use every day. Now your Bookmarks/Favorites list can track all the sites you may want to go back to in the future and not get in your way to finding the sites you use often.

At we also provide you with Menu's of links to the most popular sites on the internet. We don't clutter our site with every site attempting to get your attention. Just the most popular sites are linked on

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Go to to look at or maybe check out our FAQ. If you would like go directly to our registration page and Join! Make your Start page / Home page today!

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